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I decided to pull a Natalie Portman alla Closer and pulled a pastel Still fucked naked and purple wig on with my little cream dress. I pulled on some ridiculously high heels and dark lipstick and I was ready. Derrick showed up looking sexy as fuck in his dress shirt, pants, way too expensive watch, and shined shoes. Upon arriving to the club we were greeted by the host, Natalia, who gave us the lay of the land and the rules. Consent for everything, condoms for everyone, creativity is highly encouraged.

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Still fucked naked There was a bar thank godseveral bedrooms, a spa-like locker room for before and after that led to a sauna and hot tub, and an open area adjacent to the lobby with pillows, cushions, and couches. I nodded and slowly took it all in. He squeezed my shoulder, a reassurance that he would be back soon, and made his way towards the alcohol. There was a trio of people, two girls and an older man, making out and fondling each other lightly on a couch. Mostly though people were just mingling and talking, clearly getting a sense for what everyone was about before staking any claim or interest.

I flirtatiously twisted the pink hair of my wig. I am NOT a blusher. I had to admit, he was pretty sexy. Braydon leaned in, kissing my cheek. He planted a firm kiss on my mouth, grazing my lips with his teeth. I was already buzzing with anticipation. What had previously just been like a cocktail party filled with innuendo was now a room filled with people who were filled to the brim with a NEED for sex. Couples and triads and groups had started making their way to various rooms. Some still lingered, kind of watching and waiting. Fuck yes, I thought. I was more than ready. I followed, my hand in his, as he lead us into the room with the couches, cushions, and various pillows.

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I shimmied my dress down and stepped out of it, standing just in my black, lace panties and heels. I went to to step out of my shoes when a firm hand wrapped around my ankle. He loved being in charge. Derrick turned me around to face him. I was naked and exposed, and I loved it. Still fucked naked tickled one nipple with his tongue and slapped my ass firmly. He undid one button of his shirt before dropping to his knees. I shivered at the thought of what was about to happen and leaned my head back. His fingers grazed up my legs and I let out a moan. You can only cum when I say so. He slapped my calf. I arched my back, pushing my ass in the air in response.

He was purposeful, swirling along inside of me while simultaneously tickling my clit. My eyes fluttered closed as I focused on the sensations. I was so wet, and so horny. He turned it on and my whole body tensed and shook. He continued making circles with his fingers as he eased the toy in and out, in and out. I sighed and melted into his hands. He pulsed the toy inside of me while also rubbing my most sensitive spot. The combination of the toys and the ambiance and my sexy, sexy boyfriend controlling my body was just too much. I needed him inside of me or I needed to cum. We are also happy for recycled material if you are an erotic producer.

Posted in FFF-news by leona on March 13,5: Posted in FFF-news by leona on July 6, Mainly because it has been run by humans. You all know what the human race is made of. We have of course tried our best to be better than the average human, by keeping this webpage and its ideas alive. Well, it has not always been that easy. We also got sucked into the main stream mass production of providing material for FFF. The stress of always providing you, the members new material. It was an endless circle we could not get out of and we almost lost the idea of way we started FFF. We also never separated our private life from FFF, which maybe would have been healthier.

All our friends were included in our life and FFF. We had no friends that had not helped FFF in some way. We had no time to spend on people that were not interested in the project we were running and taking care off. So when "friends" we are not talking about one night stands decided to leave FFF it was many times a heart breaking process. We spent our life with them it - was more than just friendship. Well that was at least how it was from our side. It took time for us to understand that many times people just hung out with us for the fun of it and when the fun was over they really did not give a shit about the project FFF.

So It is very nice that some of you members have stayed and helped us with your support during these horrible times. I am sorry that we were not able to keep the material running during this time. We needed some time to heal and work our selves up and get back to why we started FFF.